Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Chiropractor

Nevaeh has been only turning her head to the left. She would scream and cry if she was made to turn it the other way. We had been doing neck stretches and massages trying to help her. Her Dr. suggested we try the chiropractor. WHAT! I was sooo nervous about that idea. It took me weeks to decide if i would even talk to the chiropractor. We decided to go see Dr. Jolley at Wasatch Spine and Disc in Layton. Ok so WOW is my word for him. She now is turning her head on her own and did not have to have all the pain to do it. She has only seen him 3 times. I am so impressed and now the only thing i wish i did differently was ...i wish i had gone sooner. We had done daily stretches many times a day for weeks. So many tears we did not have to go thru. Well live and Learn.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our visit with the cardiologist

We had an appointment on Tuesday with the cardiologist. I was sooooo worried about that he was going to say to me. I really wanted to hear i was doing a good job. The last time we had seen Dr Su he was wanting her milk fortified. She only got that for a couple weeks until she her milk allergy showed up. So she has breast feed only. So I should not worry about what might be. Dr Su was so happy with her gain. He was glad to see we did not keep the feeding tube long. I basically pulled it right after she passed the swallow test. He said she is doing a great job with her growth and he is expecting her to be small. She is growing right along the growth curve. So Nevaeh is 3 months and 8 lbs 15 oz. Dr. Su did say that the VSD (hole in her heart) is not closing as he was hoping. So he is going to want to see her in 5 months. He will then talk to me about closing it if it is still there. He will also look at her aorta to make sure it still has good flow. I just can't believe we are not going back in for months. So over all the appointment was good and i am so happy she is doing well.

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