Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Blog!

So it is time that I do a new blog. Nevaeh is well and there is no news to report as far as her heart. So I am happy to say I have created a new family blog. Thank You all soooo much for your prayers for Nevaeh and our Family. I Know it was thoes prayers that helped us all make it through.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long Needed update

Nevaeh is doing wonderfully!!!!!! So let me update you on how things have been for her.

We were having a hard time with weight. She just would not gain. We were doing anything and everything we could think of to increase her weight. I was feeding around the clock every 2 hours! ahhhhh ( who needs sleep right!?). We started solid foods. Well only avocado. She LOVED it! but did not gain any better. She got to a point she was only gaining a 1/2 ounce a week! That is not even close to the 1oz-1/2oz a day she needed to be. I was feeling like i was failing her. I was doing all i could and i felt i just was not good enough.

In the mean time Nevaeh got her first cold. So you would think a mom of three would handle this with ease...ohhh no not me! I was sooo worried. The boys had the same cold no big deal it will run its course. But my Nay Nay! So i called the dr. hmmmmm i was doing everything i should. Ok but ...but ...but I am so scared for my little heart baby to get sick. She did wonderful. It never got bad. A little stuffy nose was all. So i will try to chill out a little more. :)

So we continued not to gain anymore than our half ounce a week. So we ended up at Primary Children s. She had a chest x-ray and an ecco. It seemed like for ever waiting for her cardiologist to come in and let me know how she is doing. GUESS WHAT!!!!!! Her whole (VSD) is closing! ahhhhh! I was so excited. The dr was not expecting to see that because the last appointment there was no change. SOOOOOO drum roll!!!!! No more surgerys!!!! Yahoooooo!!!!!! I am so happy. So we go back in next Aug. That seems like forever! So as far as her weight it is not heart related. So we went back into our pediatrician for our 6 month check up. I was planning to talk to him about weight. Well.........She gained 1lb.3oz!!!! In one month! Wow! I was not doing anything different. So now she is right in the same percentile the boys were at the same age.

So off that roller coaster. What a ride that was. So onto the next one. I thought I had to get in line and wait but nope right back on front row! At least this one does not involve Nevaeh.

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