Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Surgery is done

Nevaeh had her surgery today and it went very well. It was longer than what was expected and more difficult than they thought it would be. They were able to do all that they wanted to do and are happy with how she is doing. She is stable and having no complications.

This really has been one of the hardest days of my life. I could not do anything. So i sat and prayed and cried. All i wanted to do was to be able to take this away for her.

We had Alex and Josh with us for the day and they were so good. The were at the hospital by 7am and did not get to leave until 6:30pm. Only the last hour or so were they having a hard time. I was so proud of them.

I need to update you all with pictures but I need to find some time to stop at walmart to get a reader for my memory card so i am able to get them on my laptop. I have taken over 100 pictures already. So i need to do that soon.

Thank you all for all your prayers i am so thankful that so many people are praying for her.




Melynda said...

He is such a cutie! I'm really happy things have been going so well so far!! Your in our prayers.

Heart Hugs

Mariska's mommy (HLHS 9 months)


carolyn q said...

I am glad that she is stable and doing well after surgery. I pray that she will have a fast recovery and before you know it she is back in your arms.
Heart Hugs,

Pam said...

She is absoutley BEAUTIFUL!!!

You are always in our thoughts and prayers.


Pam and Rhett

Mike and Rebecca said...

She looked so good coming out of surgery, I'm glad we were able to see her and talk to you for a few minutes. She is a fighter, we'll continue to keep her in our prayers.

Mike & Rebecca Patton

Wrap N Wear said...

Oh, she is beautiful Lori! She is on my heart and mind 24hours a day. We are praying for her and all of you! You are a strong woman! We love you!

Vaeh's Blog said...

I'm so sorry that I missed her going into surgery! Glad to hear that despite being more difficult, that she is doing well!

The hard part is over. Now just concentrate on getting her home! She is such a beautiful little girl! Can't wait to see more pictures of her! Give her a gentle kiss from our Nevaeh!

Tina & Nevaeh Walp:0)

Gourley Family said...

I saw Navaeh when I was walking through the PICU to visit my niece in Tuesday. I did not see you guys, but I just wanted to tell you that she is so cute and sweet! Praying that things continue to go well.
Emily and Mike Gourley
IHH members

Colleen said...

I am glad to hear her surgery is over and she is doing great. She is such a cute baby, can't wait to see more pics. Im sure it was quite a busy and emotional day yesterday!!! I hope her recovery is going smoothly today and we will keep sweet Neveah in our prayers.

Brynn said...

I am so glad she is doing well... we are thinking about you...

The Smiths said...

such wonderful news!! God is good! Im so happy that her surgery is over and that she is doing good. Hugs to you Lori!! and tell Nevaeh that the Smiths are praying for her.
mommateapot from cafemom

The Hood's said...

We hope that all continues to go well. Thankfully we have not been at PCMC a lot lately, so we have not met you guys, but we understand how difficult this situation can be even when they are doing well. We will continue to pray for your family.
Gary, Camille, Sam and Alex (14 wks old, tricuspid atresia, DILV & transposition)

brittany said...

I am so happy to hear that her surgery went well!!

Nevaeh said...

Thank you all for the prayers. It is so nice to see you all care.


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