Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Appointment 7/1/2008

We had another ultrasound today with the doctor that is going to deliver Nevaeh. He has noticed that she is not growing on the growth curve and her legs are looking twisted. This combination plus her heart condition is leading the doctor to believe that She may have Down syndrome. The Doctor is giving us a 1 in 10 odds that she will. So please pray for sweet Nevaeh.


Catie Mc said...

i won't stop praying. she is fearfully and wonderfully made. God has wonderful plans for her and your whole family. He has it all laid out and will use her to make Himself known to many. Grab hold of the Jesus the lifeline through the hard times.

Djinni said...

I will pray for her. Isaac also has dextrocardia. I like to think of it as having his heart in the Right place. Isaacs dextrocardia is also in reverse, flipped over so that the surgeon has do do everything mirror image (backwards) which adds to the worries during surgery. Anyway, there is still a lot of hope, there are many kids that get to have mostly normal lives, doing lots of normal things. Isaac has a few problems still but pretty minor compared to the ones in the past and he does most things kids his age are doing (he'll start Kindergarten soon).
Heart Hugs, Djinni

Vaeh's Blog said...

Hello! I found your blog through the Quigley family's blog. My daughter is also named Nevaeh! She is now 21 months old & had her 3rd open heart to complete her repair of Tetralogy of Fallot w/ Pulmonary atresia with MAPCA's & PFO/ASD. Yes, quite a mouth full! She has had a total of 9 surgeries including 3 open hearts, 5 heart caths & a PEG tube placed for feeding.

Know that we'll be following your story & praying that miraculous things take place in her life as they have in our Nevaeh's life! Please feel free to visit our blog to read about Nevaeh's journey!
May God bless you, & give you strength & courage to move through this journey!

((Heart Hugs!))
Tina & Nevaeh Walp:0)

Wrap N Wear said...

Hey Lori, thinking about and praying for you often. Love you all!

Mike & Rebecca said...

Lori I have been thinking of you and your sweet unborn baby Navaeh. Please know that we pray for you guys often, thanks for the update.

Mike & Family

Erin said...

We are praying! I love the verse that Catie wrote...Sweet Nevaeh is fearfully and wonderfully made. Look for an e-mail from me soon! :)

Emily said...

Hi, I just came across your blog through a heart friend. My daughter Macy had open heart surgery at PCMC last December and is now happy and healthy. She also happens to have Down syndrome. We did not know of the DS until her birth and the heart defect was found at 3 weeks old. I have never heard of a child with DS having the specific defect that your baby has been diagnosed with (it is usually an AV canal defect, VSD or rarely TOF).

I hope and pray for the best for Neaveh (and you to!) I know how stressful and scary facing OHS is. If she does happen to have DS as well (I am betting that she doesn't) please know that it is not the end of the world. Macy is much more like other babies than she is different.

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