Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nevaeh and her brothers who love her.

It has been so wonderful to see how much her brothers love her. I am amazed that neither has shown any jealousy toward her. I was expecting it. Josh is always so gentle with her. If she is crying he runs right over and pets her cheek and says "ahhhh". It is too cute! Alex like to care for her. Holding and rocking her. He is very protective of his baby sister. He has given her the nickname Beauty. Josh calls her "Nay Nay". So we will see what sticks. :)


D, C and E2 said...

Oh Lori, she looks so happy and lovely! All 3 of your children are adorable. I can't get over how old Alex looks. I still picture him from when we left.

Mike and Rebecca said...

I'm so happy that Nevaeh and her brothers are getting along so well. I think that alot of these heart kids have a hard time gaining weight. Brinley is still so small for her age, at 4 years old she's only 29lbs. I hope things continue to go well with your family.

Mike & Family

The Taylors said...

She is such a doll. I bet you are loving have a girl as much as I am. Hey email me your address again so I can invite you to our blog. Thanks

Melainie said...

What a beautiful family you have!

I loved the pictures, no one had better hassle Nevaeh in school, on the playground or anywhere else. She's covered for life!


Anonymous said...

she is so cute! it's so good to see pictures of her. she is really growing up!!!

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh! That picture of her with her little dolly is the sweetest! It is so fun to see the brothers love their sister. Now Kate is old enough to try and tag along with the boys and I am always yelling boys! Er- boys and girl!!! lol. I tried to call you a few weeks ago to TRY and get together again it has been sooo busy!!! But call me because I still want to!!!

The Hood's said...

She is beautiful! I'm so glad that she is doing well. I had 3 older brothers myself, and I think they loved to torment me as much as they loved me. It's nice to see they love her. Thanks for the update, I've been thinking a lot about you guys lately and checking your blog. Keep up the good work Nevaeh!

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