Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WooooHoooo! 8lbs!

Ohhhhh yeah you heard it right Nevaeh has hit the 8lb mark. I am so excited for her. She is doing such a great job. At 2 1/2 months she has just grown into 0-3 months. She is actually the 5th percentile for weight. That is the same as her big bother Alex. He has always been in the 5th. I have been worried about her weight gain not being able to fortify her milk but now to see she is still about an ounce a day just on breast milk is wonderful. I really feel better.

So I have been getting use to being mom of three. I actually took them to the pumpkin patch twice! So Nevaeh has been on a hay ride 3 times now not bad for 2 1/2 months.


Evie's Story said...

What a big milestone! Every ounce is a victory, I know! Bless you baby girl!

The Smiths said...

That is wonderful news!! every ounce leads to another pound!! Nevaeh is doing wonderfully.

Melainie said...

I am glad to hear that Nevaeh is gaining weight steadily. That really helps to show that things are working as they should be in her little body.

Gee, it took Willa until she was 16 months old to do a hayride for the FIRST time. She had a blast. Perhaps next year we can do a ride together.

I have to admit that I am so happy for your daughter. When you told me she was considered 'heart healthy', I felt a pang of sadness for myself. I will never be considered heart healthy with my defect, I had never thought if it in those terms until you mentioned it. I am so glad that Nevaeh will not have the same concerns circling above her head throughout her life. I hope all continues to go so well.


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