Monday, December 29, 2008


Nevaeh had a wonderful first Christmas. Alex and Josh woke up at 7am ready to go. Nevaeh was not quite keen on the idea of getting up at 7am. :) We all got ready and opened packages. Nevaeh was asleep again by the time it was her turn. Between nursing, making breakfast and the boys opening their packages we did not get to Nevaeh's or Aaron and I's presents until lunch! It was fun.

Nevaeh's Great Grandma Forbes made her a stocking. All of the Forbes family has the same stocking. Our stocking have our name and the date we became apart of the family.

We had a blast making Joefroggers. They are cookies Aaron's family makes each year during the holiday season. The boys had so much fun making these. I washed their playdough toys and let them cut the cookie dough that way. It was a fun messy project.

We are so thankful for the best Christmas gift ever...Jesus our Lord and Savior! As a family we have been through so much this year. It is only through our faith in Christ that we are given the hope. "Thank you Lord for all you have done in our lives this past year. We also thank you for the lessons learned and the strength to endure the hard times. We love you Lord!"


A. Shaw said...

What a beauitful family!


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