Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Swallow Test was a no go.

Well Nevaeh was awake and alert for her Swallow but did not pass. She aspirated on the fluid they gave her and did not even cough on it. So we have to wait a few weeks to go back in again. I am not sure how this is all going to go and i am really nervous. We are going home sooner than we were before. Don't get me wrong i want to be home but I was wanting to go home with the NG tube not the NJ tube. But as in all other things i am not in control of this and it is something i must just do for her.


Mommaof2 said...

Speaking from the NJ standpoint (our Vaeh had both) it is very frightening, but do-able. Whatever you do, just keep working with her on trying to get her nippling! It may take a while, but eventually she'll get the hang of it!

Praying that she continues to do well & you're all home safe & sound soon!!

Melainie said...

I'm sorry to hear that the swallow test did not go as you hoped. I know you can do what she needs to have done with the NG and NJ tube.

It's good to be nervous about it and so normal. That's the sign of a good Mom. Nevaeh is lucky to have you and you her. Our children do not come to us by accident. We are matched up with the parents and children we are meant to be with.

Hope your are home soon. (I hope I don't sound preachy. I just KNOW you are the Mom for this girl.)


Nevaeh said...

Melainie - thanks for you encouragement and prayers.

besides all the fears i am still excited to take her home.

Colleen said...

Darn! Im sorry about the NJ tube too. But look how far she is coming! I know how scary it is to take these kiddos home but I know you will do a good job! I'm sure Neveah will come around (she already is!!) I hope all is going well!

MAYBERRY said...

She is absolutely beautiful!
-Carolyn H (mom to Ashton)

carolyn q said...

Thought I would check in and see the latest. I am hopeful that things are going better with Princess Nevaeh.
Heart Hugs,

Melainie said...

I check this site everyday in hopes that there is good news. I am functioning on the adage that 'no new is good news'. I am hoping that you are home and so busy there has been no time to post.

I hope you and your family are doing well.


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