Sunday, September 21, 2008

Very Past due update. :)

We are HOME! Yeah I have been home for 2 weeks now. I thought I would be able to update but it has been CRAZY! We came home the week before my sisters wedding and all my family arrived for her wedding. So it was very busy.

Nevaeh is doing sooooo good. The NJ tube did not end up being as bad as i was expecting. I was so scared to bring her home. But it is not what i had imagined. It was very hard to be attached to a feeding pump 24 hours a day. Between my boys, Nevaeh's medicine, refilling the pump and pumping my milk I was running around like a crazy lady. Nevaeh did give me a little scare. She started to choke and turned white. I was able to help her and i took her right in to see the dr. All was well and we received a monitor to watch her oxygen levels in her blood. Hooked it up and she has not set it off at all.

We had a post opp check-up and she is doing great! She does not need to be seen again until November. Honestly that is a little scary to go that long but i trust them. Besides I have a wonderful ped that is following her so well. I really am thankful to have a dr that cares for my daughter.

So we also had a swallow test and she passed!!! Ohhhh I was so excited. She did so good. She now has a NG tube. I did learn how to place it and it was not bad at all. I started nursing her after her feeds and she took to it so well. Now that is all she wants. :) I have been fortifying my breastmilk but she is allergic to milk and soy. She we were given this other formula Alimentum but she threw it up. So on monday we are back into the doctor to see if we have any other choices. I am hoping that she is gaining well just breastfeeding so i do not have to worry about trying something new. So far she has been gaining well so we will see.

It has been hard with three kids but now that Neveah is not chained to a feeding pump it is a lot easier. I am sure i will get the hang of all this.


The Smiths said...

That is wonderful news!! It was a struggle at first for me, when my daughter had a feeding tube. I was terrified that i would not be able to do it. But mommy strength pulled through (yay)...
I'm so happy that Nevaeh is doing better. I hope she is gaining weight on the breastfeeding. Thanks for the update.
Sending prayers and thanks to God for the wonderful update.

Tina:0) said...

So glad to hear that things are going well!! I know exactly what you mean about not being attached to a feeding pump... life is much easier without it! (although it was quite convienent at night:0))

You said they tried alimentum... our Nevaeh was on pregestimil, and then was on Nutren Jr (this is for older babies/toddlers). They also boosted her calories with polycose(a glucose additive to increase calories only - it doesn't have any other nutritional value). That may be an option if they decide she's not getting enough from the breast milk. Although praying that she doesn't need anything else!

Great news that all is going well. Continuing to pray the she improves with leaps & bounds!

Tina & Vaeh:0)

Melainie said...

I have tears of joy in my eyes! Yea! I told you us heart kids are TOUGH. I am so glad to hear she is doing so well. I hope the blood oxygen will not be a problem.

You just wait and see, this kid is going to run circles around her brothers! I can't wait to meet her.

Much love,


Marlayna said...

Yeah!! I am SOOO Happy to hear that she is doing so well, and that you all are home now! I hope to see you all soon!

Love to you all,

mikaylafairchild said...

bfbkiI am so happy to hear such wonderful news!! I hope she thrives on nursing!! I have heard good things about neocate--really pricey, but very good nutrition wise! You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers!!

nanette and mikayla
we can not wait to see you, we miss you!!

Rose C said...

So glad that things are going well. Have you considered donor milk?

Colleen said...

I am so glad to hear she is doing so well! She is so dang cute!! I hope the feeding continues to go well too!! I just scheduled Kate's follow up on November 10th!! What do you know?!!! Lets hope for some good news at our appointments!!!


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