Monday, September 29, 2008

No more feeding tube!

Nevaeh was able to have her feeding tube removed on friday. I was soooo happy to take it out for her. She is nursing very well and not needing anything extra to keep her weight going. She has turned out to be easiest baby i have nursed. Praise God! We all know how stressful it can be at times.

Today (monday) is my first time being a SAHM with three kids and no help. I was so scared that i would not be able to handle this. But my kids planned on making sure i was jumping in with both feet. The boys were up three times last night and one of them alex was bleeding all over the place. He had a bloody nose. I am not sure even now how he got it but it took a while to clean up. by the time i was done Nevaeh was up again to nurse. Oh I was up every hour all night. So my first day 3 kids no sleep. I am actually doing well. My house is a mess but I got Alex to school and back on time and got Nevaeh to the doctor. So i am thinking I am going to be able to do this. :)

So Nevaeh's Dr appointment went great. She gained another 2 ounces over this weekend. So she is right at an ounce a day. Yay!


Mike and Rebecca said...

Oh how nice, I bet she justs enjoys not having that feeding tube in. I'm glad your holding up...3 kids is quite a handful, hang in there your be a pro in no time!


The Smiths said...

Wonderful news!! Yay!! Nevaeh!! Im so glad that she is gaining weight.
You are gonna be a pro at SAHM with 3 kids. I only have you are a super mommy in my book!

Tina:0) said...

How wonderful that you could take her tube out! You'll have to post some pictures of her sans tube!!

Hope your first day went well!

The Hood's said...

So glad to hear that she is gaining weight. What a relief to be rid of the feeding tube. I learned quickly after Alex was born, that a messy house is okay. Our responsibility is to take care of our kids. The house will wait. Besides, I think the kids like it better messy! Good luck!
Gary, Camille, Sam & Alex IHH Family

Nevaeh said...

You are so right i really need to get some pictures up.

Colleen said...

I am so glad Nevaeh is nursing and doing so awesome!!! Nothing like being in survival mode with 3 kiddos I know!!(I am still in survival mode!!) My oldest son also gets bloody noses at night quite often (I guess he picks his nose at night? Who knows!). Anyways I usually have to stick vasoline up his nose with a q tip and run the humidifier and it really helps. Maybe for you it's just a one time thing? Anyways I am rambling, hope to see some new Nevaeh pics soon!!!

Melainie said...

I just read your update.

I am so happy to hear that Nevaeh is growing and able to eat without medical intervention. What a trooper. Actually, she knows 'Mama's milk' is the best milk around. Why settle for less when you can have the best?!

I hope that your household will settle down and you can get more sleep. I know how that can feel after a while.

Take care, hope to see you soon.


tnkfarmer said...

Nevaeh! You are so beautiful! I just saw your updates and you are doing tremendously well! Way to go Mama! I know you are doing great with 3 at home! Of course, it's been a couple weeks and you are an old hand at it now! God bless you and keep you. I miss seeing your ecstatic smile and warm glow. I hope to see you soon. Kris Farmer

Evie's Story said...

PRecious Nevae, what a gift you are! We found your blog through mutual heart friends as our 9 month old is a TGA baby as well. These little ones are indeed miracles. We have linked you to our blog and will have our praying friends lifting your little. May she grow in grace and strength and may the hand of the Lord beo on her life!

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